Yvonne and ScoutScout  was rescued from  the Humane Society of North Pinellas, Florida, by Bill Whitstine, Certified Master Trainer and owner/operator of the Florida Canine Academy. Scout trained alongside bomb, arson and drug dogs in the area of detecting all types of mold. Scout has over 1,000 hours of training at the academy.

Yvonne grew up in Sweden and has been living in Los Angeles for the past 20 years. While growing up in Sweden, her family used a mold dog after severe water damage to their house.  She became interested in canine mold detection as a result of the growing health issues associated with mold.  Sweden has used mold dogs for over 25 years and was pioneer country in canine mold detection.

Yvonne has undergone extensive training in K-9 Mold detection and is a certified handler. She is also a certified mold inspector through American Indoor Air Quality Council and a member of Indoor Air Quality Association, Inc. She continually attends other certification courses to stay on top the latest technology and to further her education in mold-related issues.

1994 Harvard University School of Public Health study of 10,000 homes in the United States and Canada found half had “conditions of water damage and mold associated with a 50-100% increase in respiratory symptoms.”

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