saMold Mutts K-9 Mold Detection Team provides canine mold detection and testing services. Based in Los Angeles and covers southern California. Mold Mutts perform canine mold inspections for any residential, occupied or non-occupied, as well as building contents. We provide lab analysis and results for use by physicians, the legal system, Realtors, and mold remediators.

Mold Mutts uses traditional equipment as well as a highly trained Certified Mold Dog™, working with a Certified Mold Inspector, to pinpoint the source of toxic mold, regardless of whether the source is hidden or hard to reach. The results are quick; often the customer immediately knows if mold is present.

We have an extremely valuable tool for our indoor mold inspection services. "Scout" is a Jack Russell Terrier that has been professionally trained and certified to sniff out mold.

You've heard of bomb detection dogs and drug detection dogs? Now there are mold detection dogs. There are over 50 Certified Mold Detection Dogs in the United States. California has only 3 mold sniffing dogs, “Scout is the first in Los Angeles.clean air

If it has an odor, a dog can find it! Mold growth can have a variety of odors that range from a traditional musty scent to odors that seem like a chemical spill. Unfortunately, the majority of mold odors may not be detectable by the human nose. This is where we can help.

If you've had roof leaks, basement leaks, plumbing leaks, high relative humidity or condensation indoors, you could have a hidden mold problem. 80% of indoor mold issues are hidden and don't produce odors or visible growth. They can however, cause a variety of health problems. When mold growth is disturbed or improperly removed, mold can produce spores that can affect furniture and other belongings causing a more wide spread mold issue. In addition, inhaling mold spores is what triggers health issues related to mold growth indoors.

The age of the home or building has no bearing on whether there could be a mold issue. New or old, if buildings get wet, they will grow mold.

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